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Dr. Boland is licensed and trained to practice psychology, not medicine. He specializes in the diagnosis and psychological treatment of mental health problems. Frequently, local physicians refer patients to him to make a diagnosis so they can then determine the appropriate medication. Many patients are already on medication when they first come to see Dr. Boland. At your request, he will be happy to consult with your existing physicians regarding medication and medication management. If you do not have one, he will be happy to recommend a local physician that he has been impressed with over the years.

In treatment, individuals may learn skills to improve self-discipline and self-control. A common goal is to learn emotional self-help skills so the patient can learn to decrease undesirable emotions like depression, anger, loneliness, and anxiety. If a patient is already on anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications, the emotional self-help skills may allow them to reduce or completely eliminate the need for these medications.

For children, behavioral family psychotherapy is typically recommended that includes both parents if possible and the child. Psychotherapy tends to be very successful for childhood depression, anger and anxiety and rarely are medications necessary.

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